Asthma and pregnancy

If you have asthma, it's hard to predict whether your asthma symptoms will be any different in pregnancy. Some women's symptoms will improve, others may not see any change and some will find they get worse.

Most asthma medications are safe to take in pregnancy and if your asthma is well controlled there is little or no risk to your baby. It is important to discuss any changing asthma symptoms and medications with your GP.

There are things you can do to help manage your condition during pregnancy, such as:

  • using a preventer inhaler (steroids) when you get a cough or cold – speak to a doctor about using preventer inhalers in pregnancy
  • avoiding smoking – ask to be referred for smoking cessation support
  • avoiding things that trigger allergic reactions for you – for example, pet fur
  • controlling hay fever with antihistamines – talk to a doctor or pharmacist about which antihistamines are safe to take in pregnancy
  • avoiding hayfever triggers, such as mowing the lawn
  • continuing to exercise and eat a healthy diet
  • ensure you have flu vaccine

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